ways to save money

Ways to save money, and questions to ask yourself

Ways to save money

We all think of ways to spend money very easily. Such as our daily needs, and our families. Have you ever thought of ways to save money? If you’re anything like me, you tend to argue with yourself about why you may need so many things, and you end up giving in. Am I not right?

Important questions to ask yourself

  1. Is what I’m wanting a need or a desire? Sure it’s okay to desire and have some things but do a self-check. How often do you end up saying yes to yourself?
  2. How many monthly subscriptions do I already have? If I need another, how much will I use it and for what reason?
  3. Will I truly have enough at the end of the year if something major comes up?
  4. Am I following my dreams with the money I’m spending, will it be used wisely in the long run?
  5. If Jesus were standing right next to me what would He tell me to do?
  6. Am I spending for self or help anyone else?
  7. Why do I feel the need to spend so much?
  8. Am I buying happiness or love with this item?


I would like to touch upon a little bit about overspending. I’ve learned over the years that when we keep buying and spending stuff that won’t last long, we’re in some ways buying happiness, peace, comfort etc. When in reality only the Lord can give us those things. Sure it’s okay to get things you really would like to have every once in awhile, but really ask yourself, “what’s the real reason of why I’m buying this?” If you’re trying to buy happiness, find a scripture that finds that. If it’s comfort, find a scripture that talks about comfort, and really let that sink down into your soul, and see if you really want or still need that idem. If not, you’ll continue to be disappointed and keep wanting more in life, because only the Lord can satisfy your true longings.

Ways to save money

ways to save money
a jar on a railing outside with coins in it. Above it says 13 simple ways to save money
  1. Open up a savings account, and put a little in each month.
  2. Look for coupons for the stores.
  3. If you enjoy reading go to the library. They have kindle books too. Also, they have free classes online that lets you learn  what interests you.
  4. Cut back on a monthly subscription you don’t use anymore or think you can live without.
  5. Make a monthly plan for what your daily needs are VS your wants.
  6. How much are you comfortable with spending per month?
  7. Sell something you don’t use anymore, on eBay or somewhere and set that money aside.
  8. Start collecting change, and after awhile cash it in and put it in the bank, or save it for when you get older.

  9. If you’re still providing for any loved ones, be bold and tell them they need to start providing financially more for themselves. You’re not their doormat! Tell them you’re looking for ways to save money!

  10. When going out to eat, look at the price ranch of the menu before going there.


Most importantly you need the Lord’s guidance in every single thing you do. Everything we have, it’s the Lord’s anyway, and it’s up to us to use what He’s given us wisely, but how will we know what to do if we don’t go to Him in the first place, because He’s the one that gives us the wisdom, to begin with, correct? Ask The Lord to help you hold back when you don’t need to spend, ask for His desires and not your own.

Philippians 4:19 And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. 

May the Lord bless and keep you!

Allison Anderson 

Author and Life Coach for your everyday struggles You can find us here. We would love to speak to you!

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