countdown to easter

We Are In The Countdown To Easter‼ Are You Ready For Countdown To Easter?

Countdown To Easter

Every Friday until Easter Sunday I will offer some video’s about Jesus death and resurrection. In this video proof is offered as to how long Jesus was in the tomb. We are in the counting to Easter! We have 2 more Fridays till the big Sunday!

countdown to easter
looking up from base of wooden cross with clothe wrapped around it.

What do you think? Is this timeline right? I know for many of my logical thinking friends having evidence helps make things true. We love to reason things out. Could this video help your non-believing friends to believe in Christ?

countdown to Easter

For me, Christ is real because of what He has done for me. How He has provided, and guided me in my life. My soul/spirit has touched His Spirit. I have a relationship with my Savior that tends to be beyond explanation.

Countdown to Easter Outside Sources

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countdown to Easter

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What is more important, the death of Christ or His resurrection?
Answer: The death and resurrection of Christ are equally important. Jesusdeath and resurrection accomplish separate but necessarily related things. The death …


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