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Weight Loss Journey Blog And Bariatric Surgery

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I wrote about my weight loss journey before. I was so excited about using noom. I will admit NOOM is a great tool. I lost at least 30 pounds with it. But, that was while the steroid shots in my knees were working. The pain is back, with a vengeance. Now, bariatric surgery is back in my thinking. I know some think it is just an easy way out, it is dangerous; why even consider it? But for me I am considering this in my weight loss journey blog?

Considering bariatric surgery is scary for me. I pursued this about 10 years ago, I got as far as the first class, and the appointment afterwards. It was there my hope for help was dashed. They told me no ifs, ands or buts, medicaid will not pay for the surgery. I was defeated, my depression kicked in big time. I felt like there was no help out there, so why even try to better myself. I continued to be stuck sitting and watching the world go by. My weight loss journey blog was not even a figment of my imagination.

The past years have been spent with me becoming more and more dependent on others. My daughter works and does so much around here because I can barely walk. Many times I have said God help me but the time just did not seem right or something. I would get so defeated every time I went to the doctor there would not be much they could do. All because insurance would not pay for it. He could give me strong pain pills that would make it even harder for me to think. With my TBI symptoms I did not need chemicals to make my brain function even worse. The reason I can barely walk is because of severe osteoarthritis in both of my knees.

I knew God’s purpose for my life was to live with my husband again, to serve the Lord with him. But, during those years I would often plead God please help me get to a point that I can reach your goal for my life. I guess all those years He was teaching me what it is to be dependent, to feel stuck with no way out. To learn how to rely solely on God and His provision. I had tried to lose weight in so many other ways, but the exercising was so painful I would not even do it.

This brings me to my weight loss journey blog today. I am seeing more people able to get the bariatric surgery that have medicaid. People who are not as disabled physically as I am. I started wondering how they did this? How did they get their surgery paid for? What I found in my searching the internet surprised me! A couple years ago, um, under President Trump? Medicaid made it easier for those who need to get the surgery!

weight loss journey journal weight loss journey blog
My before picture of a few years ago.

The past two days my emotions were on a roller coaster. I am afraid of getting my hopes up and then they are crushed because insurance will not pay for it. So, I am going into this cautiously. Always asking God help me with my weight, help me to live God’s purpose in my life. Only with Him, and His strength can I live through this.

Let me explain more at the beginning of my weight loss journey blog why I feel I need this surgery. When I was in elementary school I slipped on some ice and put my knee cap out of place. Through my whole life since then I have had major knee problems. I think I had one doctor tell me my knees were a bit deformed? In my youth my knee caps would go out of place just by me walking down the street. With all that damage, and one surgery on each knee I developed osteoarthritis. Now, I have no cartilage in my knees left. So, I do the shots in the knees. Thing is each shot damages the knee more, which is why they only do so many in your life time. I get up and exercise while shots take the pain. About 2 months later the pain comes back even worse and I am stuck sitting again.

I realize this bariatric surgery is not a magic pill. I will have to get up and exercise, but, with the weight off It won’t hurt so much. It will still hurt, just not as much. Plus, I loose 100 lbs then the doctor can replace my knees. Which will make exercising even easier. I am already changing my diet, without even knowing it, to what my diet would be after bariatric surgery. This will just make it so my body is not fighting against me getting healthy!

So, my first step towards the surgery for my weight loss journey blog is today. I have an appointment later to get the shots in my knees again. I also have labs scheduled to check my A1c3 level, basically to see if I am diabetic, plus a couple of other things too. I will talk to my doctor about him writing a letter saying the bariatric surgery is medically necessary for me. Which when I talked to my insurance is about all they need.

My plan now is to use my Monday Important person posts as my weight loss journey blog and to include a blogger on the same journey. Today I found Llatavae’s Blog where she is just a touch further than me in this journey. Please check out her post Bariatric surgery and let her know I sent you.

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