what are you afraid of

What Are You Afraid of? God? Man? Circumstances?

what are you afraid of

Jacob is following God’s lead by going home to where his brother Esau lives. But, because of Jacob’s past decisions he is afraid of his brother. All through his years of serving Laban he witnessed how God provided. He experienced God’s love and faithfulness in a big way. But, just like us today, Jacob’s circumstances overwhelmed his thoughts. What are you afraid of are you allowing what is around you draw you away from God?

When I am afraid of anything I need to find a way to control it. Just as Jacob did when he divided his herds as Esau approached them. He could possibly be thinking if I could just appease my brother he would not hurt me. Jacob was trying to take control of the situation instead of letting God. Just as he did when God told him to leave Laban. Jacob had to sneak away instead of facing Laban face to face and trusting God.

what are you afraid of

My fear is not having enough. Not enough food to feed my family, not enough to pay to house us……. When I look back over my life I can see how God provided even when I was not turning to him. But still I turn to fear and try to control the situation when I am lacking. It is when I can let go no matter what is going on that I truly see God working.

Like this vacation I am on right now. This is such a blessing from God. I did not pay for any of this it is all money God blessed my husband with and my in laws. But, even in knowing this fear creeps in. My fear of my relationship going back to what it was with my husband. All the hurt and pain of not putting God first. Of my husband slipping back into his addictive sinful ways. I try to control my husband myself by telling him to study the Bible on his own. Telling him when and how to do it. Trying to get him to put God first.

what are you afraid of
a drawn piece of cheese with the words what would you do if you weren’t afraid?

what are you afraid of

Thing is, I cannot make my husband do anything! I cannot control him or anyone else for that matter. I can pray, that is all I can do, well and also live for the Lord. Let the Lord shine through me and work on my husband. That is so hard though, to remember to not pressure him. We have been through over 10 years of pain because of decisions we made. Because of focusing on our own needs and not how we can serve the Lord.

I guess what I need to do is concentrate on the changes my husband has made, praise him and the Lord for the progress. Beyond that pray for wisdom for the Lords wisdom in how I need to change instead of asking the Lord to change him. I am just as much of a sinner as my husband is.

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What Are You Afraid Of?

What Are You Afraid of?

What Are You Afraid Of? [Download]

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What are you afraid of?
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  1. stop. breathe. God’s got you. Keep on ministering to and praying for your husband and yourself. That is very effective. I know Jesus is shining through you, and I know you will let Him continue to do so.

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