suffering like Job

What Does Suffering Like Job Say To Us Today

Suffering Like Job

Is There a Benefit?

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God R.C. Sproul Jr.

As a review we will touch on what we have learned so far about suffering. First and foremost God is Sovereign over everything. Satan does not control our pain God does. If God helps us to understand the misery we go through we need to remember it is by His grace He does so. We need to remember that God knows and understands so much more than we do and sometimes we are not ready to handle the knowledge. Lastly we need to know our place. That because of our very nature we do not deserve anything good. That pain is what we deserve so anything good that happens in our life is because God loves us.

Now, in this video we come to the most famous story in the Bible to study about suffering, Job. In the very beginning we see how God gave Satan permission to cause suffering like Job has gone through. That Job’s pain is because of God and Satan conflict. What this says to me is that sometimes God uses us as an example to Satan that he will never win. What a blessing it is to be thought of God in such a way that He would use us to defeat Satan. That He would know that we would stand with Jesus no matter what happens.

suffering like job
Spiritual warfare

In that knowledge I would be willing to go through suffering like Job did knowing God is with me, and my experience would defeat our greatest enemy.

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