what is prayer

What is prayer and how is it supposed to be done?

What is prayer?

We all have friends and family members that we talk to and keep up with. But what if we didn’t keep open that communicate? Days would turn into weeks, and then months would turn into years. So what is prayer? It’s exactly the same thing. Talking to our Lord, just about whatever is on your heart. It never has to be long, sometimes throughout the day, I may say a prayer for someone, or if I see someone at a restaurant asking the Lord to fill them with His presence.

One of my friends that I wrote about here, she always said keep saying “praise Jesus” until your mood began to change, or if you were in a situation that is out of your control. For an example, my friend was once in a car wreck all she kept saying was “praise Jesus.” Not because of what had happened, but all due to who was in control. Which is our Lord and Savior. She was okay, but she was scared, but as she kept saying those words, a flood of peace overtook her.

what is prayer
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Power of our words
Proverbs 15:4 Gentle words are a tree of life; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit. The Lord warns us in many verses to watch our tongue. If not it does not only damages our spirit but to our lives. Because whatever we say, so we become, (Proverbs 23:7.) I know it’s easy to fall into that self-negative, talk, it’s because it’s easier for our minds to lean towards the wrong way a thinking instead of the right away. I say it’s easier because we don’t have to work at anything, we already work enough, so our minds are saying to us, why do I need to work at thinking right too? But if we learn with practice to train ourselves to think and say the word of God, then over time our minds will have a different response, and we won’t have to work as hard since we’ve developed a new pattern. Yes, I’m talking to myself as well. Since I’ve been in the dumps a few times these past few weeks. You can see my diary entries for those stories.

A few years ago, I feel out of my wheelchair in my van. I was with my sister who couldn’t lift me up so we had to call 911. We were both a mess. I was crying and screaming because I had hurt my leg, and my sister was upset because she had hurt me. But through all my crying and screaming, I still said the words “Jesus, help me,” really loud. I cared less who heard me, or what they thought about. All that mattered is that Jesus got me through that moment. No, that circumstance didn’t change, but saying His name over and over reminded me that He was near, and He put the right people in my pathway to help me.

Changing our mindsets is so important, and takes time and practice. We have to be willing to make the effort. Those tiny words, like “Jesus,” or help me, Lord,” those are prayers, and you’re talking to Him. Sometimes you can also say to the Lord, “Lord, use these tears as my prayers to you.” He will, too!

There is no format or special way to talk to our creator, it’s all a matter of speaking from the heart. You don’t have to close your eyes or be in church. The Lord meets you right where you are.

I love being there and praying for others. I can be reached here.

May the Lord bless and keep you!

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