submission in marriage

What is Submission in Marriage? What Does God Say?

Submission in marriage

In this sermon by Pastor Pete Briscoe he teaches about submission in the union. I never heard it taught in this way before. It really spoke to my husband and I. I pray that you would have the time to hear what he has to say. Submission in Marriage really is a mutual agreement, not just the woman’s responsibility.

submission in marriage
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In our spousal relationship this way to look at submission makes so much sense. I am the higher functioning, outspoken, take charge person. My husband has admitted he does not like to be the leader. With the mutual submission we each submit to God, then to each other. We are there to help each other. Yes in the Bible it says the man is the head, but if you listen to the message, this does not mean he is the leader. It just means that as you picture the couple as one the husband is the head of that one body. If it was not for the body, the woman serving the head, or the head serving the body it would not work.

submission in marriage

What my husband and I are working on now is how to not be so selfish in our relationship. We did start out with just thinking what we personally needed from the other. To submit to each other one needs to think of the other first. How does my behavior affect my spouse? How can I change to make them happy? What can I do for them? We were always looking out for ourselves, what do I need, how does he need to change? Now I am asking God to help me change so I can make my husbands life better. My husband does not complete me God does, and in turn God helps me meet my husbands needs.

submission in marriage

What about you. How do you see submission should look like? What have you been taught? Does any of this make sense to you?

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