What would Jesus do?

What would Jesus do in your situation?

What would Jesus do?

This past weekend I wasn’t feeling to good, so I watched a few uplifting Christian movies. One was on Amazon Prime called, In His Shoes. I don’t want to give it all away, but it’s basically about this pastor who gave his congregation a challenge for one year that before making any decision ask yourselves, what would Jesus do? You know what the sad part was? Even though the church was small, only around 4 people took that challenge. It’s a heartfelt movie about what happens when you put God first and what it truly means to be a Christian, besides just saying it.

Ever since I watched that movie last night, it’s made me become more aware of what would Jesus do in my case? Big and small it all adds up to the bigger picture. So how do we truly know what would Jesus do? Well since the Bible is our foundation, the more we read and study His Word, the more that we know His heart. Sometimes after we read a chapter, we have to be silent, and listen to what He’s saying to us. You will feel at peace about what to do and not.

Today while I was reading some different chapters of the Bible, I asked myself; how is my faith level? Then I remembered that if I’m taking a leap of faith, and trusting in the Lord, it’s okay. But the everyday life stuff, how am I with it? To be honest, everyone around me thinks I’m great and I never let things get to me and I always trust God. But to tell you the truth, I have human thoughts, I play the what-if games a lot. I try to prepare a lot. There’s nothing wrong with preparing, but you can only do it up to a point, before you can surrender everything to the Lord.

So what did I do?

Even though my faith level isn’t where it needs to be, it’s not where it once was, believe me! All of us are in the changing process in life. Hopefully for the good! I don’t know about you, but I have a problem with focusing when I’m praying. I’ve been told by friends to keep a journal and write down your thoughts and so forth. I kept thinking to myself, I’ll never follow through so why even bother. However, that wasn’t the right frame of mind to have. So three months ago to this day, I downloaded what I call, my prayer journal. I’ve gotten into the habit now, each morning when I wake up I type out a prayer. Afterwards, I read the Word, and let it be my guide. Am I perfect every morning? No, but I’m getting better than I was, and I’m trusting the Lord to give me the desire and the strength to study His Word even when I don’t feel like it.


I want to challenge you with something. Just like the pastor in the movie challenged his church with asking what would Jesus do, I want you to do the same, or come up with your own saying like, “if I was siting across from Jesus, what would he say to me?” Be creative! Most answers He’s given us are already in His Word, it’s only our job to read and study it. I’m not saying go nuts with this, like doing the things you need to do like paying your bills. Just ask yourself a few times a day some of these questions we’ve been talking about. If you need to make a change, ask for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you.

James 1:2-3 Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. 3For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.


I would love to talk and connect with you! I am a follower of Jesus and love helping others. If you would like to reach me you can find me by clicking here.

May the Lord bless and keep you in His perfect will.

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what would Jesus do?

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5 thoughts on “What would Jesus do in your situation?”

  1. Wow! Very challenging and convicting! I definitely am going to start doing this, as well as writing out the prayers. I have had the attitude you have: I won’t follow through, so why do it? I’m glad I read this today!

  2. Allison Anderson

    Amen, Pastor John! I’m so thankful that we have a big and mighty God in our lives. What would we do without Him?! I feel you some days I can write forever too, but then after awhile nothing would make sense because I would go in different directions and nothing would make since!!

  3. Amen! Yes God is good and my family think I am nuts. lolol I wake up sooooooo early but it is not me waking up it is God waking me up. It is my best time to spend with Him, to write. You might check out http://www.Gab.com. I seem to get wonderful conversations on there that challenges me to research, think, pray. To come to understand fully what exactly is God saying in the Bible. Yes I had a couple of evil dark conversations on there, but I prayed and left those alone.

  4. I think every effort we do to get closer to Jesus is a good effort. Reading scripture is definitely good. Silently waiting to hear what God would say to us in our situations is good. For me, I just state my case clearly to the Lord, then I wait for the peace. Suddenly I will have an idea that I know is good, or I will get a warning, a check in my spirit, that says “why are you looking into this? Switch topics. This is not the direction you need to go.” Of course not in those exact words or an audible voice, but just being still long enough for the Lord to plant or reveal something in my heart that says “yes. This is right.” Also, if an idea keeps coming back to me, especially in rapid succession, I know I need to pursue it. Such was the case with pursuing starting my website. I knew I had to do it. God was not going to let me go until I made a move on it. I know He is active in it and behind the scenes, and I am looking for His next step. I believe collaborating with you on the website will be productive, and has been already. Okay, I am done with my book now. I just get to writing and cant stop! God is good. He is large and in charge.

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