at your wits end

When You Are At Your Wits End

In this chapter we find Abraham at the end of his life. The story goes on describing Ishmael and how Islam and their twelve tribes started. But most important is the story of Isaac and how the statement ‘at your wits end fit together. ‘

I would like to pick up in the story of Isaac when his twins were conceived and growing in Rebekah’s womb. Even there Jacob and Esau struggled together. When Rebekah asked God why He prophesied that the younger would be over the older. God’s word always come’s true! 

When You Are At Your Wits End

Now lets jump forward a few years, the twins are old enough to cook and hunt. Jacob was the favorite of Rebekah as he loved to spend time inside and cook with her. Esau was the favorite of Isaac because of his hunting skills. I could talk about how having favorite children can cause its own damage. What I will say is that this could have contributed to some of the strife between the boys. 

What I would like to point out in the story is when we see God’s word start to come true. Jacob obtaining Esau’s birthright. You see Esau felt he was at a point of exhaustion. He probably was being the hunter of the family. I know my ex husband who loved to hunt would be out for days tracking down his prey. Out in the cold, sleeping on the ground with very little to eat. But, he had more of the modern conveniences than what Esau had. 

When You Are At Your Wits End

Esau, like my ex husband would come in cold, hungry and desperate for food and rest. All they could think of is filling their belly and enjoying the comforts of home. It is at this time that often Satan sneaks in and steels our peace. Thing is God knew this, He knew this would happen. He prophesied about it. 

at your wits end
words written I am Hungry

I could go down so many rabbit trails with this, but what God pointed out to me is how Esau was so willing to give up his birthright out of exhaustion and desperation. 

How many times have you been at your wits end and given up what is most precious to you? I know I have been there. My first three children were very young, I alone with them trying to do my best by them. I know at one time I could not cope any more and almost abandoned them! Luckily God spoke to my heart and mind and guided me back to my kids. 

When You Are At Your Wits End

What do you do when you are at this point in life? You feel there is no answer but to just given in no matter the consequences? I know how God saved me and my kids when I walked out the front door determined never to go back. God is the only reason my kids and I made it. I did not recognize His influence back then, in the middle of the struggle. So what circumstances got us through?

It was the people God put in our path, how He worked his miracles in my life. For every poor decision I made, God was right there to make it all work out for us. How much easier could I have made it on us if I just read the Bible more and obeyed Him. I would not have depended on man so much. Which caused my kids and I so much pain. But through it all God’s plan wins out. 

When You Are At Your Wits End

What about you? God never promised us an easy life, He did promise us that He would provide all we needed to succeed in life. Would you like to tap into some of that strength and hope He offers? You can always reach out to me and we can talk more about how access what God wants to give you today. 

Remember please do share this post if God spoke to you today through it. 

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