where is my miracle

Where is My Miracle? God Why is it Taking So Long?

Where is My Miracle

Does Nothing Seem To Go Right in Life?

With everything going on in buying a house remembering to trust God is hard to do. All these numbers, and problems keep being thrown in our face. We have a very limited budget to buy the home with, which means often we end up with homes that are in need of a lot of love. I sit back and cry out to the Lord where is my miracle? I ask Him why can’t I have a normal marriage where I live with my husband and raise our child together. But then I think, but God…….

Jesus is our deliverer, our sustainer, our all and all. If I did not have Jesus who knows what my life would be like today. Some of my miracles that He has already done in my life?

  • My children
    • Each and every one of my children are unique and special in every single way.
  • I have a roof over my head
    • I have not earned having a home, I do not work, but still God has always provided
  • Food in my belly
  • Family to support me
  • Friends to encourage me
  • Most of all The Lord to shape and mold me
where is my miracle
rocks in a river with one rock on top words on it say Believe In Miracles

If you are wondering where is my miracle maybe try looking around you and seeing that everything on earth is a miracle from God. The plants, the animals, oceans, seas, rivers, lakes on and on. Think about just what it would take to make everything we take for granted daily. This weeks message at Life Church Online is about Doing The Good Work and how we will run into opposition.

The most important thing I remember from this message is that when things come against you remember God. Remember the miracles He did in the Bible, that He has already done in your own life. Know that if He could do those things, how much less can He do for you?

Granted what you think is needed, the miracle you think should happen may not be what God wants for you in your life. In the first message of this series Pastor Craig says if you do not know God’s plan for your life just do the next best thing. I like that, as we seek out that miracle we think should be happening maybe we just need to be doing the next best thing as we wait for God to work it all out for us.

So, as you question the Lord where is my miracle look around you to see what is the next best thing to do? It says all through the Bible the best thing for us is to serve and help each other. Ask God to show you how you can help others directly or indirectly around you? Keep helping others and soon you will see the miracles He is working in and around you.

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