Who are you

Who are you? Normal Like Everyone Else? Or Unique Like God Intended?

Who are You?

Who are you? Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see all negative about you? Maybe your hair is not long enough, or your eyes wrong color, or you have too many freckles, or you cant fit into your pants anymore, etc. Satisfied with yourself? Better yet, satisfied with who you were created to be? You were created to be you, for a reason. Because you are you. If you had the same eyes as someone else, you wouldn’t be unique. No one would be their own person if we were all each other. We were created to be ourselves for a reason. We have a special job. A special job that only we were designed to do. We cant be anyone else because we have our own purpose. Each of us being special. Next time you look in the mirror, tell yourself, “you are meant to be you. Don’t be anyone else. You’re beautiful” Because guess what? You’re father is a Holy King. And he doesn’t make mistakes with you.

who are you

who are you
a womans eye with the words who are you?

Who You Outside sources

Being Unique

You are Uniquely and Awesomely Made!

Fearfully And
Wonderfully Made

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