Craig Groeschel

Who is Craig Groeschel and How He Affected My Life

Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel is the reason I have Life Church Online linked to the first page of our community. He is a husband to Amy Groeschel, father, grandfather, and pastor to the biggest church in USA. The amazing thing is that Life Church started in a two car garage! 

craig groeschel
Craig Groeschel giving a sermon
Craig Groeschel

I first encountered Craig back when my adult children were very young. No local church would accept us because of the behaviors of my children. I hand a strong yearning that we needed God, I needed to teach my children about God. I started searching the internet for tools to have church at home. 

As my memory is not the greatest because of my brain injury I do not remember what year I first attended Life Church Online. But I do know the lack of acceptance in local churches is what lead me there. In searching the internet I found Online Church started in 2006

The year my youngest son was born. I have a feeling I have been an attendee since the beginning. I would attend every Sunday at 9:30 am. Life Church Online broadcasts worship music, announcements, and Pastor Craig Groeschel’s weekly message. During the experience chat is open with hosts welcoming guests. 

Church Experience

It was during one of these experiences that a host Tia approached me in a private live prayer room chat. She asked me if I would like to be a host. To be honest I never thought of myself as a leader. But, something in me yearned to be part of this community. 

Life Church is very careful about who they allow to become volunteers. I had to fill out an official background check, and why I felt I would be a good fit for them. They provide extensive training for all volunteers no matter where they live. Plus if you have concerns or questions the online church staff are there to help you. I have had the opportunity to talk to many via video chat. 

Life Church Online Host

Once I was accepted as a host I jumped in with both feet. I loved listening and learning from Craig Groeschel

and his team. His leadership Podcasts

are beyond excellent. It all filters down from staff to volunteer leaders, volunteers, and church attendees. It was the love and care of all who are in this community that helped me through my second and current husbands and my problems. 

Volunteering for Life Church Online meant that I could be at home with my kids but still be giving to God’s plan, to others hurting in the world. It took the focus off of me and my situation onto letting God use my situation to help others. Plus letting leaders in church feed my growth in the Lord. 


I am not as heavily involved in the community as when I first started about, I think, 7 years ago. I still serve the experience I started at. Thursday 4p CT with David as team leader. David and I are the first hosts for that time period and we are still there. It was my stepping back from many things with Life Church that lead me to my blog here. I know God has a plan for all the skills he is teaching me online and I am slowly seeing the path He has me on. 

My site is not an official Life Church website, but that is where my online presence started, and what I promote heavily. No matter where God opens the door for you to serve Him I know serving will change you. Serving God takes the focus off of you and your situation to others and what is going on with them. It changes you, allows you to see the answer is in submission to God and letting Him change you from inside out. 

Outside sources

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