who is driving your life

Who is Driving Your Life? You? God? Others?

Who Is Driving Your Life


Control has been a major issue for me. I was brought up with the idea that if I do not take care of it, no one else will. This lead me to fear when I could not control a situation, or people in my life. This control also made me self conscious of other peoples opinion of how well I was doing in making decisions. So, really I was giving the driving wheel of my life over to others opinions of me and the circumstances that were around me.

Even today after God let me live through so many trials and I learned that I really cannot command a lot of people and things around me to obey me. I still get anxious when things just do not want to work out the way I think they do. Like buying this house, I cannot make the wheels of the decision makers go any faster. In the waiting the doubts, and questions build my anxiety up. What did I get us into? My realtors, my loan officer they are just fraud. What if we sign all these papers and the loan does not come through? Then we owe all kinds of money and have no where to get it from? In these thoughts I need to ask myself, who is driving your life?

who is driving your life
picture of a person holding the driving wheel of a car and the words Jesus take the wheel.

So, what I have been doing is looking at the past month and how God got us to where we are now. To begin with my husband and have been looking for about 2 years. Praying and wondering is this home the one He has for us. Other homes seemed like the perfect home, the one God wants us to have. But each time we reached out to a realtor about the home something always fell through. We inquired about this home and met Natasha Hayes. Something about her just seemed to click. She was willing to show my husband and my mother in law the home and appeared very knowledgeable. After my husband, and my mother in law we all decided to put an offer on the house things seemed to all come together.

The whole way through this sale God was continually reminding me who is driving your life, or I mean my life. It came to light that Natasha is a Christian! When the seller accepted our offer she recommended we use Kim Villmann as our loan officer. The home we chose most lenders would not accept as it still needs a lot of work. But, Kim worked hard to find the right mortgage package that fits our budget and will let us buy our home. Through out this process my anxiety would get so high I would write and or call both Natasha and Kim endlessly. But, they still worked with us!

Natasha and her husband are willing to help us find contractors to work on our home, and Kim has picked me up to get me to appointments. Even after we buy our home Natasha is going to make sure that we have good quality contractors to make our home a good and safe home for us.

Step by step through this purchase process God has been showing me who is driving my life. I am not the one who brought Natasha and Kim into our lives. I just clicked to find out more information about a home for sale and Zillow connected me to Natasha. Then, Natasha connected me to Kim. When you look at what you have been through, are going through who is driving your life? Could you look at how things happened and see that really God is in control? Or, are you trying to still control every aspect around you. On the other hand are you letting others dictate what is going on inside and outside of you?

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  1. PastorJohn Day

    So apparently Jesus has had the wheel of our lives the whole time. Oh that we would stop trying to grab it back and try to drive our own direction! Lord, teach us to let go and let God.

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