who is the christian god

Who is The Christian God and How Do We Learn About Him

Who Is The Christian God

How Do We Learn About Him

In this chapter Moses experiences the burning bush. God is giving him his calling in life. Moses will be the one that the Lord uses to make His people who He needs them to be. I believe this is the first time God announces His name to anyone on Earth. “I am” encompasses so much. To me “I am” says that He is our deliverer, our sustainer, the one who can do anything and everything for us. The Exodus story of Moses and the Israelite we learn who is the Christian God.

The Lord’s true nature is to save all His children so that we can spend eternity in Heaven with Him. As we read the story of the Israelite making their way to the promised land we see just how God makes us new. Right now He is tasking Moses to be their leader. We look at Moses and wonder just how could God pick such a man? He is a murderer, a fugitive on the run for his life from the people who he grew up under. He lived a privileged life compared to his own relatives. What was God thinking on choosing him? On top of it Moses had trouble speaking, he did not have the confidence to face the man who could have him sentenced to death.

So, exactly who is the Christian God? Just from this chapter we learn that He is a Lord that uses the weak to do tremendous things. In doing things we learn that it is not by our might but His that miracles happen. Moses is not the one who delivered the Israelite’s, even they looked down on him. Moses was not respected by Egyptians or his own people because he killed a taskmaster of his people. But, still our Heavenly Father chose Moses.

who is the christian god
a fence with barbed wire around it. Words say Man’s greatest honor and privilege is to do the will of God

What does this say to us though? What it says to me is that no matter what I did, or what happened in my past God can still use me in a mighty way. We could have committed great sins but still God can use us. Society considers us weak, or the worst of the worst. But still the Lord’s plan works out through us. With this knowledge I can continue trusting Him, leaning on Him and asking Him what the next best thing is to do. Praying that He show me how to help others around me today. By reading the Bible is how we learn who is the Christian God.

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