who is the comforter

Who Is The Comforter? Let This Story and Others Show You

Who Is The Comforter? Let This Story and Others Show You

In my search for who to feature this week I came across this Bloggers article: Let The Comforter Comfort. This is a creative way to remind us who is the comforter? I know Jesus always loved to use parables or so-called stories to teach.

According to this article, Why Did Jesus Teach in Parables? He taught this way because we remember the stories better than if he just told us things straight out. Another reason is that Jesus often hid the meaning of the parable from those were not His followers. Basically, those hearts were out for evil intentions only.

I believe stories on Amazing God Stories helps continue what Jesus started in the Bible. Using stories to connect spiritual truths to those who believe.

who is the comforter
a dove flying with sun rays flowing down from the dove

Outside sources

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  1. I am humbled by your comment that my stories continue what Jesus started – teaching in parables. Thank you – and thank you for referencing my blog. I appreciate you taking the time to do so. 🙂

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