Why do things happen to me

Why do things happen to me that are out of control?

Why do things happen to me?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like why do things have to happen to me, not to everyone else, but to me. Have you ever felt like that? I’m sure we all have sometimes. I wish I could wave something and all of our problems goes away. Sometimes do you even feel jealous that God is working in everyone else’s life and not in your own?

This weekend I watched The movie “The War Room.” Every time I watch it I get something out of it. I was reminded this time that we need to fight our battles through prayer. Pray like never before. Truly tell God what’s not working for you, and stand against the enemy. Put him in His right place, because when you do and use the name of Jesus he has to flee, He has no choice.

Why do things happen to me

But then there are times when things still happen to us don’t they? But let me ask you something. What did you learn during that trail? In what ways did you grow? Did you feel more connected to your creator? If not, what could you change differently next time?

It took me awhile to accept and learn this, but I’m getting there! What really helps me is pulling out my Bible and holding it in my hands and reading it. By doing that it brings so much comfort to me, and when I praise God, it helps me remember that He is bigger than my problems.

Why do things happen to me

If you are going through something I want you to turn to your Heavenly Father and really do you’re fighting in prayer. Ask God for His will, and for Him to give you a changed will and heart as you surrender everything over to Him. As you stay close to Him and His Word, in return He’ll give you His comfort and peace in the middle of the storm.

Please don’t ever feel like you need to go through anything alone. I’m always here for you, and I want to help you. I can be reached by clicking here, or you may comment down below!


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Why do things happen to me?
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