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Young Bloggers are The Hope For Blogging Future

Young Bloggers are The Hope For Blogging Future

It is so inspiring to see the youth of today tackling life’s issues with great thought and wisdom. You do not find such thoughtfulness in today’s youth often. But when young bloggers stand out in the crowd I think it is important to feature them.

Today I would like to recommend Gracie Chick’s blog: A Light In The Darkness.

Gracie is a young woman who travels a lot with her family and homeschooled. She uses this unique life of hers to give light to others in their darkness. She shares her meaningful conversations with family members, poems and she likes to converse with fellow bloggers. Please consider visiting her blog and let her know I sent you.

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Christian Counseling Blog To Help Us Learn Biblical Treatments

Christian Counseling Blog To Help Us Learn Biblical Treatments Today’s important person blogger is a Pastor Dr. Kenneth Jones. His statement of faith He provides description and tools for Christian counseling. His article on PTSD below stood out to me. In this article, he recounts how Paul could have suffered from PTSD. How …

Who Is The Comforter? Let This Story and Others Show You

Who Is The Comforter? Let This Story and Others Show You In my search for who to feature this week I came across this Bloggers article: Let The Comforter Comfort. This is a creative way to remind us who is the comforter? I know Jesus always loved to use parables or …

Interesting Personal Blogs are Where I found Our Important Person For Today

Interesting Personal Blogs As I scoured the internet for a Blogger to profile for today’s important person I found a blog by Jamie Wright. I find she fits into the category of interesting personal blogs. Just as a disclaimer, I myself do not cuss and do not take well to others cussing. But, …

Childhood Memories Lost in Trauma of My Life

Childhood Memories Lost in Trauma of My Life When I came across Wil Wheaton’s blog I did not remember who he was. I just thought another blogger with a huge following. It was not until I read the first post that I talk about in my post Am I Normal that I …

Mike Rowe Shows Us How to Help a Caregiver

Mike Rowe Shows Us How to Help a Caregiver I know I did not post yesterday for important person Monday. I am sorry my emotions are topsy-turvy as I would through my abuse from the past with my counselor. But, I thought today as I ran across Mike Rowe’s show on Facebook …

Right from the start of my time on WordPress

Right from the start Pastor Matthew Winters started following my blog right from the start of my time on WordPress. He is still out there reading and liking our stuff. I would like to show him some appreciation by promoting his blog to you! This link will take you to his about …

Development Training Pastor Austin Taylor Interview

What is your position with Life.Church Online? My role is Development Training Pastor, which means that I oversee the initial training process new Church Online volunteers go through when they join the team, as well as their ongoing leadership development throughout their time serving with us. I love supporting our amazing …

Life Church Host Pastor Steven Roberts

Important Person Monday As promised! Life Church Online Staff interviews! Today is Steven Roberts Please enjoy these interviews and let them enlighten you on how you could get involved with online ministry! What is it exactly you do at life church, what is your position? Life.Church Online has 82 services across three different platforms ( …

Prayer Leader Pastor Amanda Sims Interview

What is your position with Life Church Online? I serve as the prayer leader Prayer Team Pastor with Life.Church Online. This means I get to lead a team of around 250 volunteers who receive and respond to prayer requests that come to us through email, web forms, and the Life.Church app. This …

Life of a Christian Youth Who is Being Called By God to Lead Worship

life of a Christian youth Can you share who you are and something interesting about you? My name is Darian Halliday and I am a Worship Leader. I have no favorite worship song because I feel like I would be judgmental. I am currently in school. I recently came into Senior Year so …

A call for support, and a celebration of our prolific young bloggers and reviewers… plus a story of treasure disc…

Today’s young bloggers will be tomorrow’s thinkers! Help them blog and b creative. blogging

Asif Mohiuddin

‘Bangladesh government squishing freedom of speech by arresting and harassing young bloggers inside the country’. Amnesty International also issued a statement titled


competition is the annual blogging competition which awards the top young bloggers each year. The dominant foods of Rasht people are various types of

Tavi Gevinson

permission to be interviewed by The New York Times for an article about young bloggers. Because of the blog’s success, Gevinson was invited to attend New York

Top 20 Young Bloggers – Influence Digest

May 8, 2017 We searched all over the internet and social media to find the top young bloggers . Enjoy the list and of course, enjoy their blogs!

The teen bloggers who took over the internet | Media | The Guardian

Sep 8, 2009 Some of the web’s most influential voices now belong to bloggers as young as 13 . John Crace investigates the rise of the super young e-scene …

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Jan 31, 2016 A list of the 20 best blogs for women in their twenties on personal … Feeling Stuck In Your Career As A Young Professional · I’m A Giant Mess …

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5 young bloggers who love business – CMI

Jul 14, 2016 The business blogging community is alive and well. Here are some of the best websites out there.

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